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Edward M. Mezvinsky

Democrat, Iowa (1973-1976)


The Honorable Edward M. Mezvinsky, was a back-bencher Congressman from Iowa for two terms. His biggest claim to fame was that he was on the House Judiciary Committee when it voted to impeach Nixon in 1974.  In all fairness to Iowans, he didn't do anything wrong while a congressman.  That came later when he was in Pennsylvania.  Later, he was prosecuted for soliciting cash for fraudulent pyramid schemes in the 1980s.  He collected millions of dollars for business deals that never materialized, including an oil deal, a coin trading company, and efforts to sell bracelets in Africa.     

Mezvinsky even fell victim to several Nigerian investment scams and lost much of the money he had borrowed.  

The Jailbird Count:  six years in prison for defrauding business associates, friends and family;  pleaded guilty to 31 counts of fraud.  Scheduled release:  November 2008

Stalled career:  Mezvinsky's wife, Marjorie Margolis-Mezvinsky, a former television reporter, served a term in Congress, then ran unsuccessfully for Pennsylvania's lieutenant governor, then dropped out of the 2000 Pennsylvania Senate race. 

Mezvinsky became a member of the Congressional Prison Caucus.

The Chelsea Clinton connection:  Chelsea's current squeeze is 27-year-old New York banker Marc Mezvinsky, son of BadBoy Ed and Marjorie.