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Martin R. Hoke

Republican, Ohio (1993-1996)

The Honorable Martin Hoke had a problem with his mouth.  

Shortly after taking office in 1993, Hoke, who is divorced, talked about dating, and mentioned two female Members of Congress, who he thought were "hot."

After President Bill Clinton's State of the Union Address in 1994, Hoke and fellow Ohio congressman Eric Fingerhut were wired up by a television producer, ready to beam their reactions back to the folks in Cleveland.  The camera was rolling and the microphone was one, and while producer Lisa Dwyer was putting a wire and microphone on Hoke, he giddily turned to Fingerhut and said [see photo caption].

Reporter Mary Anne Sharkey of the Cleveland Plain Dealer:  "This sounds like a Saturday Night Live skit with Dan Aykroyd and Steve Martin playing the 'Wild and Crazy Guys.' The two characters were always searching for 'foxes' with 'beeeg American breasts.'"

"Well, Dad, that was a really dumb thing to say," said Hoke's 15-year-old daughter, Elizabeth.  [Click here for other observations by family and wives on other BadBoys].

NBC and ABC stations in Cleveland led their newscasts with the episode, and CBS had a two-minute segment with outraged women-in-the-street.

But there's more . . .

A couple of days afterwards, Caroline A. Kelly, 31, a Euclid, Ohio, secretary, said that the year before, Hoke had called her a "sexy little thing" and pinched her thigh. 

Hoke:  "Not only do I not remember," the incident that Kelly alleged, "but it did not happen.  It is untrue." (Click here for other examples of "Lyin' Through Their Teeth").

Kelly:  "This isn't 1954, where a pat on the ass or any kind of comment like that is acceptable anymore.  It's not acceptable."  She accused Hoke of lying.

"It wasn't a real hard pinch, but it was a pinch.  It wasn't that he accidentally brushed up against me when it happened.  He had no reaction, no apology.  It was as thought what he said was acceptable," said Kelly.

Hoke defeated another BadBoy, rather BadGirl, the Honorable Mary Rose Oakar. During his victory party, Hoke had the band strike up "Ding Dong, the Witch Is Dead."  That didn't sit well with Oakar.  After Hoke's problems surfaced, Oakar said they should strike up another song from the Wizard of Oz:  "If I Only Had a Brain."

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